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Do you have a loved one who is living with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed or confused by their diagnosis?

Do you feel at a loss for how to support your loved one?  Or yourself?

Are you too embarrassed to tell your friends and family what’s really going on at home?

Have you been feeling alone and unsure who to speak with about such tender topics?

Are you looking for a place to go, or a group of people who can understand what you're going through? Do you want a support group FOR YOU?

Connect with other people who have loved ones that are living with DID by joining the Discussing Dissociation Forum for Supportive Spouses, Partners, and Allies (SSPA).

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The Forum for Supportive Spouses, Partners, and Allies of people who are living with DID functions as an online peer support group.

SSPA gets you in touch with people all around the world whose loved ones are DID survivors.

SSPA gives you a safe, private space to share your stories and enables others to respond to what you’ve shared.

Being part of SSPA creates a space for you to receive support from other supportive spouses, allies, and partners of DID survivors, and also invites you to accompany them on their journey to gain a better understanding of DID.  You are not alone in your struggles.  You will meet other folks who are living with the same complicated situations that you experience in your life.

However, PRIVACY is important.  All interactions between SSPA group members will be seen and visible to Discussing Dissociation Administrators -- conversations cannot be hidden.   Private messaging and private chats are not a part of the Forum’s interface.   Members will not have access to other member’s personal information (i.e. legal name, place of residence, email address, etc).  Privacy for all members, and their partners is valued.

SSPA is one of the forum communities managed by Discussing Dissociation, a well-established, and reliable resource for all areas of dissociation.  While getting support from your peers, you will have an open doorway to mental health experts who truly know and understand Dissociative Identity Disorder.

What Can SSPA Do For Me?

SSPA can help to:

  • Alleviate some of the isolation you may be feeling.
  • Connect you with other people whose loved ones are living with DID.
  • Broaden your understanding of Dissociative Identity Disorder.
  • Explain what is “normal” behavior for your dissociative loved one.
  • Encourage conversations with people who understand what you’re experiencing.
  • Offer 24-hour availability and refuge. Any day of the year, you have a place to be.
  • Support you while you process difficult days, heavy emotions, confusing times.
  • Give you a gentle place to go, where your struggles and heartbreak are accepted and not judged.
  • Provide privacy and security away from the eyes of the general public.
  • Introduce you to DID experts who truly understand what you are seeing.

What SSPA cannot do for me:

  • SSPA is not a crisis service.
  • SSPA is not a substitute for a consultation with a certified mental health professional.
  • SSPA cannot offer space for trolls, bashing, poor behavior, or destructive conversation.
  • SSPA is not a dating service, nor an environment for any sexual indecencies.

***  In case of emergency, or if you are in danger, contact your local emergency services immediately.

***  In situations involving Domestic Violence or family violence, contact your local emergency services immediately.

The response time and geographical distances involved in a forum setting are not suitable for quick or immediate help in an emergency situation, nor should this pressure or anxiety be handed to other group members. SSPA members will walk with you, support you during your process, encourage you during difficult times, but SSPA members and Discussing Dissociation’s administration cannot be held responsible to respond to or remove you from acutely dangerous situations, self-inflicted or otherwise.

Does YOUR DISSOCIATIVE PARTNER, SPOUSE, or LOVED ONE say or do anything that resembles THIS?

What if I need to talk to a mental health professional?

While Kathy and Laura will actively monitor and read the discussions in the SSPA as administrative managers, they will not have one-on-one interaction with the members of the Forum, nor answer questions in SSPA that require the expertise of a mental health professional.

SSPA is designed as a peer support community.

However, helpful information and additional resources that teach about DID will be available for you.  Varieties of new information will be added on an ongoing basis. You will learn about DID, what is normal or typical for how DID can be seen or experienced.

If you need additional assistance, or are interested in speaking with either Kathy or Laura, you are welcome to request a Consultation for yourself, with or without your dissociative partner.

If you have any questions or reservations before you join SSPA, please write to Alex at Admin@DiscussingDissociation.com or use the Contact Page.   You can generally expect a response to your query within 24 hours, Monday through Friday in the Western Hemisphere.

What Makes a Forum at Discussing Dissociation a Credible Resource?

There are many reasons why Discussing Dissociation is a trusted, credible resource, such as:

  • Discussing Dissociation has been a valued online resource for 10 years!
  • Dozens of Testimonials from survivors about Discussing Dissociation
  • Over 10,000 comments from readers — with no spam and no trolls
  • Kathy has written 400+ articles, and created over 2 dozen videos about DID and related topics. You’ve got oodles of material to check her out
  • Kathy has 30+ years experience working in the fields of trauma, abuse, and dissociation
  • Kathy has led hundreds of in-person groups, and has previously managed an online forum group
  • Laura has more than a dozen years of experience working in the fields of trauma, abuse, and dissociation
  • Kathy and Laura are both credentialed mental health professionals with legitimate education and training
  • Clinical, administrative, and technical support will be managed by an entire team of professional people. This forum will not be a one-man job. Sharing the workload will keep this healing resource more stable for a longer time

Does the SSPA Forum feel like the right fit for you?

Be a member of the Support for Spouses, Partners, Allies Forum!

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Does YOUR DISSOCIATIVE PARTNER, SPOUSE, or LOVED ONE ever say or do anything that resembles THIS?

The SSPA Forum is For:

  • People who know and love a dissociative trauma survivor
  • For adults, legal age, 18 and older
  • Supportive partners and spouses of dissociative survivors
  • Male, female, or transgender friends, spouses, partners, allies
  • Spouses and partners who want friendship and companionship with other DID spouses and partners
  • Spouses and partners who need support and communication between their own therapy sessions
  • Spouses and partners who are willing to commit to their dissociative loved one
  • Spouses and partners who are willing to share some of their feelings and experiences
  • Spouses and partners who are willing to encourage and support others in their healing journeys
  • Spouses and partners who are willing to work on their healing, including any trauma in their own lives
  • People who recognize the importance of social manners, mutual respect, positive problem solving, friendliness

The SSPA Forum is NOT For:

  • Trolls or anyone who uses vulgar or hurtful words intending to hurt or disrespect others in the forum
  • Anyone who uses vulgar or hurtful words intending to hurt or disrespect their dissociative partner
  • Perpetrators or abusers with predatory intentions
  • "Hot potatoes" who jump in, jump out, jump in, jump out ….
  • People who are so angry or cynical that they forget to use social manners and kindness
  • Spouses or partners who need an acute, emergency resource for safety
  • Anyone looking for extreme crisis management
  • Anyone who needs immediate emergency medical attention
  • Representatives who are advertising pharmaceutical medications

Does YOUR DISSOCIATIVE PARTNER, SPOUSE, or LOVED ONE ever say or do anything that resembles THIS?

If you can relate to these struggles, join the Support for Spouses, Partners, Allies Forum!

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Steps to Expect During the Purchase Process:

Step #1

Decide on the monthly recurring payment option or the annual recurring payment option.

Step #2

Know that your account will be billed automatically each month, on the same day of the month, until you cancel your membership.  By purchasing a Forum Membership, you are agreeing to automatic recurring payments.

Step #3

Agree to the Policies and Guidelines of Discussing Dissociation.

Step #4

Agree to the Behavioral Guidelines Required for Forum Participation.  *** If you are opposed to or confused about the Behavioral Guidelines presented, please cancel your purchase process and do not proceed any further. Contact the Client Care Team about any questions you have or clarification needed.

Step #5

Make your payment using PayPal. And thank you in advance for that!  Note: Do not close this browser window. Please wait to be redirected to the next page in the process.

Step #6

After your PayPal payment is received, you will be automatically taken to a new Registration Page to create your Forum Membership account. During account creation, enter your designated forum name, your email address and choose your login password.  Please do NOT use your legal name as your Forum Name.

Step #7

Login to the Forum using your email address and your memorable password. Take a look around. Breathe a sigh of relief! You made it!

Step #8

Make your first post introducing yourself to the other forum members.   Don't worry -- you will see instructions for where to place this first post.

Step #9

Join in with regular, ongoing, healthy and helpful comments and updates.  Participate actively by providing responses to others as well as writing your own stories.

Step #10

We'll be sad if you go, but yes, you may cancel your SSPA Forum Membership at any time by going to your PayPal account and ending your PayPal subscription.  Please note: there are no refunds given for partial month participation.  Be sure to cancel your PayPal subscription at least 72 hours before your next month payment cycle starts.  Automatic monthly billing will occur until you cancel your subscription via PayPal.

Refund Policy / Safety Policy

Both Kathy and Laura take Forum Safety and Forum Stability very seriously.

Because of the extreme sensitivity, privacy needs, and safety needs of the Forum Members, no refunds will be given.

Before joining, you must be willing to commit to at least one full month of healthy involvement in this Forum ahead of time.

If you cannot fully commit to at least one month of healthy, positive interaction, this Forum environment is not for you.

Due to the safety needs of the other Forum Members, you will not be given a refund for "looking and leaving."  This Forum is not on display, nor are the Forum Members.

Be sure of your willingness to purchase a Forum Membership BEFORE you join.  Month-to-month subscriptions cannot be refunded.

However, if you are unsatisfied with your Forum experience for any reason, please contact the Client Care Team and express your concerns in a timely, appropriate manner. Depending on the circumstances, you may qualify for an exchange of service. Meaning, either Kathy or Laura are willing to provide individual consultation in lieu of ongoing Forum participation.

Cancellation of Forum Membership

Each Forum Member is responsible for their own PayPal account activity, including both the purchase and cancellation of the SSPA subscription.  If a Forum Member chooses to end their Forum Membership, that Member is responsible to cancel their SSPA subscription via their own PayPal account.

Once the PayPal subscription has been cancelled by the Forum Member, the SSPA Account and Forum Login will be deactivated by Discussing Dissociation at the end of the paid time.

Cancellation of the PayPal subscription should occur at least 3 days before the end of the subscription time period to ensure that the cancellation has time to take effect prior to the next automatic billing cycle.

Automatic monthly billing will occur until you cancel your subscription via PayPal.

Behavioral Limitations

The Support for Spouses, Partners, Allies Forum is not a place for acting-out self injuries, spewing negative behaviors, having shouting matches, or creating abusive relationships. Maintaining the ongoing safety, stability, and healthiness of the SSPA is an essential requirement. Your positive participation will be appreciated!

If your posts escalate in threats of self-harm, suicidal behavior, or emotional demands beyond what is appropriate for a forum community, those posts may be removed or edited, and your access to the Discussing Dissociation Forum may be restricted.

In these situations, Individual consultations with Kathy and/or Laura may also be encouraged or required in order to maintain your forum membership.

Please note: If your behavior is found to be disruptive, destructive, or harmful in any way, you will be removed from the Support for Spouses, Partner, Allies (SSPA) Forum without any refund of any sort.

IF you resolve the problems and request to return as a Forum Member, and IF your application is received again, your NEW FEE WILL BE considerably higher than your original purchase price. Non-negotiable.

Support for Spouses, Partners, Allies

The SSPA Forum

It’s exciting to think about all that can happen at SSPA! If you are unsure about joining, remember these benefits:

  • The Forum will be available any time, day or night, any day of the year.
  • The Forum has been constructed with privacy and security
  • The Forum will be an environment for people who are living their own life while also trying to understand more about living with a multiple.
  • The Forum will be a place to build friendships.
  • The Forum will be a place to talk about your everyday struggles.
  • The Forum will be a place to ask the hard questions that only DID-involved people can understand.
  • The Forum will be a place to find comfort, reassurance, empathy, and understanding.
  • You can go to the Forum from the safety of your own home, with no travel needed, no driving needed, no transportation costs. You can join in on discussions from the comfort of your own couch.
  • No anxiety of leaving the house!

What Will Happen if You DON'T Join
the Spouse Support Forum?

  • You may still feel alone and isolated.
  • You will miss out on interactions with a great group of folks!
  • You won’t have as much support for yourself or your loved one.
  • You will miss out on some excellent healing information.
  • You could be paying lots more $$ for ongoing support elsewhere.
  • You could be paying lots more $$ to get support in individual therapy.
  • You may have to do your venting or processing in a less secure environment.
  • People who know you could see your online posts written in public places.
  • You could be participating in online communities who do not have mental health professionals as leaders, and groups who may — or may not — have healthy boundaries.
  • You will miss out on the opportunity to talk with people who genuinely understand what it’s like to live with a system of people.
  • It will take longer to make progress in your own healing if you have to hold, stuff, contain, and ignore your own needs while putting so much of your energy into your partner’s needs.



Talk With Others Who Understand
What You're Going Through.

Get Started Now

Be a member of the Discussing Dissociation
SSPA Forum Today!

For about $1 per day, you can get access to a 24-hour support resource!

One week at the Forum will cost about as much as one venti coffee from Starbucks.

Two weeks at the Forum will cost about as much as one fancy meal.

One FULL MONTH at the Forum will cost much less than a 1/2 hour individual therapy session.

A tad over a dollar a day is a small price to pay for a 24-hour resource.

We are super excited about this new resource, and we genuinely hope you join us today in the Support for Spouses, Partners, Allies Forum.

And, of course, we both wish you and your loved one the very best in your healing journeys.

Kathy and Laura

Kathy Broady, MSW
Laura Boettger, LMHC