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DDCF:  Discussing Dissociation Community Forum (for dissociative trauma survivors)

DDEF:  Discussing Dissociation Educational Forum (open for dissociative trauma survivors)

SSPA:  Support for Spouses, Partners, Allies Forum (open now)

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Do You Want a DID Forum?

Building the Discussing Dissociation Community Forum

To get a solid understanding of what you are looking for in a DID Support Forum, I’ve written a survey of 10 questions. I’d like to hear what you think, how you feel, and what your preferences are.

  • Are you interested in a private forum, made especially for DID survivors?
  • Are you interested in a private forum, made for DID partners and spouses?
  • What would YOU like to see in a DID Forum?
  • Do you prefer a Basic Forum, for privacy and community support?
  • Do you prefer a Premium Forum that includes more therapeutic guidance?

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